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Two doctors have been deprived of medical activity in Ajara

12, September 2018 16:50:00

Two doctors have been deprived of medical activity in Ajara. Two more medics have been suspended activity for various periods in the region and 5 have been warned in writing. Overall, in the last six months, 160 doctors were assigned responsibilities in Georgia.

The data was supplied by the State Regulation Agency to Ajara Public Broadcaster several weeks ago.

Health Minister of Georgia talked about the qualification of physicians yesterday. Davit Sergeenko says that the state should support doctors in continuing medical education and not stop licensing.

"We do not plan to check the doctors' qualification and stop the license, we plan to restore and assist doctors in systematically resolving the continuous medical education system that will enable them to be better treated. When I speak about Georgian doctors I would like to respect all of them. They were able to do what they could, for 90 years they risked their own lives and treated people with the resources brought home. "

The Minister says that medical errors are becoming in other countries and Georgia is no exception.

"I would like to ask everyone to get it in direct meaning and not worse that they are better than we. Even in the United States, where there is a brilliant system of clinical assessment, the third reason for mortality is a medical suicide. It is 250 thousand people a year. If we bring the indicator to our population, 8 people per day should be physically disabled in clinical trials, but fortunately it does not happen, but we do not have a system that defines it correctly, "said the Minister to Ajara Public Broadcaster.

The State Regulatory Agency for Medical Activities discusses complaints in continuous mode, and the Control Department has imposed 300 doctor's professional responsibilities from 170 cases examined last year.

The broadcaster prepared the report on this topic on August 22.